About The Center

The Center for Contemplative Practice ™ is an organization dedicated to offering courses, programs, and practices to those who wish to be more, rather than to do or acquire more.

The courses, programs, and practices we teach, the conversations we engage in—whether through our journal, in correspondence, or face to face—all presuppose that those who are interested in the Center seek something other than the hyperactivity of modern life: something that offers greater depth and meaning to human existence.

We offer methods of conducting what Socrates calls the “examined life.” Contemplative practices are the foundation for such a life—for moving from our human condition to our human capacity as fully enlivened beings.

What are contemplative practices?

There is a richness to life beyond what we have, what we do, and what we think all day. You are much more than all of these things. It is that “more” which contemplative practice teaches you to explore, experience, and become.