Contemplative Cuisine®

Preparing, Serving, Savoring ™

Given the hectic pace of our everyday, where might we find repose?  Where and how shall we refresh ourselves?

What if, instead of “having to cook” a meal at the end of your day when it becomes “just another thing to do” out of necessity and with little enjoyment, you discovered a world of delight – a daily contemplative practice that refreshes your spirit and nourishes your body and mind with delicious aromas, tastes, and textures?

What if cooking a meal in your kitchen each evening became a time of restorative calm and contemplation?

Would you do it?  Or would you order pizza again for dinner because you don’t feel like cooking?

Contemplatives both in the East and West have long recognized the importance of our hunger, and therefore of the preparing, serving, and savoring of food.

This course is not about what foods you should eat, but rather about your relationship to the food you do prepare, serve, and eat.

In this course you will learn practices for your body and mind which will transform your understanding of cooking and eating.  These include:

  • Practices to build your awareness of the states of transformation the food undergoes as you prepare it, and by extension how those also take place within you.
  • Practices for your body and breath to relieve physical tensions you have accumulated during your day so that you are grounded in restorative presence to your cooking.
  • Practices for finding ease and effortlessness in preparing delicious dishes.
  • Practices for serving yourself and others with awareness, deepening your experience of savoring what is served.


*Contemplative cuisine courses may be arranged for small groups.  Contact us for information.