The Middle Workshop

Something there is about the Middle, the in-between that has special qualities. Cultivating our awareness of the Middles and their significance deepens our understanding of life and increases the harmony of our everyday existence.

This workshop explores the magnitude of the Middle in our bodies, minds, and lives by attending to its presence in our bodies, in our breath, and in our understanding through philosophy. We will do this through:

* yoga asanas,

* pranayama practices

* discussions of philosophies, both eastern and western, which illuminate the sweet signficance of the Middle.

What are you in the Middle of? What is in the Middle of you? Usually we don’t think of middles as worthy of note, but in fact, middles provide daily opportunities for deep transformation and insight.

We speak of “mid-stream” as a metaphor for being in the flow of things; many events and discoveries of great consequence happen only in mid-life; the spiritual path is often called the Middle Way; in art and architecture the perfect proportion is called the Golden Mean (“mean” is the mid-point between two extremes.) The most important part of our bodies, our spine, is in the middle; our thoughts are in the middle of our heads; our breath goes into and out of the middle of our bodies. We denote midday and midnight as special times. Life is full of Middles for us to delight in. Learn to settle yourself in to the experience of the Middle of your life in the Middle Workshop.



Threading the Infinite Workshop

All things as we know them come into being, exist for a time, and then fade away.

This is the nature of finite existence—existence within time and place—including our existence as human beings.

Yet we sense, on a deep level, that there is something more to know about existence, something more than meets our eyes—an eternal, sweet something which is responsible for the cycles of beginnings, middles, and ends; whether of the days, the seasons, or our lives.

We are aware of this thread of the Infinite binding all finite things, and enfolding all of existence within its vast, eternal Realm. We sometimes experience this Infinite thread, and yet it eludes our grasp.

In this 4 day workshop you will learn ways to become more and more aware of the joyful, endless play of Infinite existence—an experience that, with practice, brings greater sweetness and tranquility to our everyday lives.

We will explore practices for our bodies, our minds, and our breath; interweaving poses, pranayama (breathing practices), contemplation and meditation each day. In addition, we will read and discuss eastern and western philosophical teachings designed to seat you more deeply into your awareness of the infinite within the finite, of the sacred in the everyday. All of these practices will give you the ability to carry radiant awareness with you into all that you do because of all that you are.